Konstantin Arzumanidis

Konstantin Arzumanidis

Certified agent & real estate investment broker

Coming from a real estate investment services background, Konstantin translates his playing expertise into valuable career guidance, focusing on identifying and representing in Europe. He focuses on scouting and marketing endorsements
& supports overall player representation.

Alexander Herwig

Konstantin Arzumanidis

Alexander Herwig is our partner in Asia

Alexander joined us in the beginning of 2008. He is an expert in in the fields of real estate, company valuations, sourcing and purchasing supplier management in Europe and Asia. He used to work for a large international company in Hong Kong, Seoul and Bangkok before he started his own business and worked with us.

Eleni Vasilopulu

Konstantin Arzumanidis

Eleni manages our office in Athens

Our team of seasoned real estate
investment professionals and consulter
have significant experience in sourcing,
transaction execution and have
established a network of relationships
with local operators.

Marianna Vasilopulu

Carl A. Berg

Marianna is our tax adviser in Athens

Marianna makes the accounting (real estate, finance, insurance, new build projects and others) for our Greek company in Athens.

She looks after our customers and partners
in private and corporate tax matters in Greece.