What the Arzumanidis Agency can offer you.

Competence, Services and Consulting are now more closely united, aiming to significantly
enhance our solutions delivery. Our client is always at the center of all our activities, and
we make it an obligation for us to offer the highest quality and the best possible service
at any time.
We pose the highest requirements on our staff so that they are not only excellent and expert
discussion partners, who can convert knowledge into value, but also develop a feeling and
understanding for the practicability of the solutions for the clients that they serve.

The Arzumanidis Agency is our family name, standing as a symbol for more than 30 years
of history, experience and competence in service and leadership. 70% of its revenues are
generated in Europe, mainly in Germany, Greece and Hungary. Have our knowledge and
competence work for you and your success.
It is our aim is to add value for our clients through our competence, our expertise and our
international presence. We know that sport makes an indispensable contribution to
promoting exercise and cohesion in a modern society and that Europe has magnificent
traditions and achievements in sport that must be preserved and further developed.
Come to Europe, come to Germany and let`s cooperate together.

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we can do for you, please get in touch with us. Ask for more information today:
+49 2241 881990 or send us your enquiry to: info@arzumanidis.eu