Players & Coaches

Our services as a football, basketball and ice hockey agency is that we provide an all‑encompassing service for players and their families, ensuring that our clients are managed appropriately at every level.

Power, drive and performance are key words for the special kind of success. We are a reliable partner who looks ahead and works with you to help shape your future. At least in the case of football, basketball and other types of team sports, we are engaged in economic activities.

Through our strong network of Professionals specializing in excellence:

* Sports Law advice (in cooperation with a Lawyer)

* Global and Local Consulting service and advice

* Consults on investment opportunities in sports

* Player management (full service)

* Financial Services

* Counselling

We provide support for all of our players and their families. We are your partner in the service areas of Basketball, Football and Ice Hockey
in Europe. We would like to be your your agent in Germany. Please contact us to discuss how we can promote you.

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