Konstantin Arzumanidis is the founder of a Real Estate Investments & Insurance Agency based in
Troisdorf, Germany and in Athens, Greece.

Starting as a travel agent, he has been independent businessman in various service areas for 30
years by now. Since 1993, for example, his agency has been a training company for business
people in the area of office communication. As of 1996, he has been working as a real estate
salesman and since 2009 also as an insurance broker in Germany, Greece and EU-Cyprus
(in Cyprus in the real estate investment sector only).

As a Real Estate Investments & Insurance Agency we provide our clients with exceptional service
tailored to their individual needs and constantly look to improve ourselves in order to face any

This exceptional and tailor-made service is also found in the latest specialization of the Arzumanidis
Agency: assisting and advising professional sports players as intermediary. We support professional
and newcoming talents in football, basketball and ice hockey. The agency is linked with many experts
as well as professional clubs, offering players and talents the opportunity to fill required positions that
are aligned with their interests.

We work nationally as well as internationally and provide the highest quality in service in order to
maximize your earning potential for the duration of your sports career and beyond. In Germany, the
Arzumanidis Agency is registered as official intermediary with the German Soccer Association DFB

If you would like to learn more about us and the work that we do, please do not hesitate to get in
touch with us for an informal and obligation-free conversation. The Arzumanidis Agency always
welcomes you and promises quality service in all of Europe. Please send us your application via
email to: info@arzumanidis.eu or use the following form.

Feel free to join us on: