at the Arzumanidis Agency

We are an independent agency that is specialized in assisting and advising football,
basketball and ice hockey players to agents or any representative of their choice.

We work together with professional players as well as newcoming talents, and as
your adviser, individual and personal assistance is of great importance to us. It is
our goal to not only offer support in your sports careers, but also in your financial

We see it as our task to represent your interests as player towards sports directors,
boards and committees, managers but also towards other players. We analyze
your opportunities and connect you with our networks and contacts. You share
your objectives with us and together we will work on achieving them.

The Arzumanidis Agency partners with experts in all relevant football, basketball
and ice hockey fields, national as well as international. With our partners we start
careers, develop them and make them a success.

If you are interested and have questions or would like to receive more information,
please give us a call or send us your request per e-mail. We will respond as soon
as possible.
Yours sincerely,
Konstantin Arzumanidis